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How to Setup Tube-ELoRaGW

What You Also Need

  • Router with DHCP server enabled which Tube-ELoRaGW will be connected to
  • Computer connected to above router


On the computer, open http://loragateway.local in your browser.

Default password is blank, click Login directly to log into management interface. (You can change the login password later.)

Login Page

On navigation bar, click Services > Pico Gateway to open the setup page.

Pico Gateway

On the setup page, you can find the chip ID. You may use this chip ID as gateway EUI to register your gateway to TTN via Semtech UDP packet forwarder.

Setup Page

Select one of the global_conf.json presets or use your custom global_conf.json.

global_conf.json Options

Automatically use your chip ID to generate a standard local_conf.json or use your custom local_conf.json.

local_conf.json Options

Content of custom config files (global_conf.json and local_conf.json) can be configured in subtabs.

Custom global_conf.json

Custom local_conf.json