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About Linux support

Linux distributions

Linux, for its freedom and open, has much many distributions, variants and forks. Our support and tests only can cover some parts of whole linux ecosystems.

Based on the numbers of our support requests and inqueries, we choose the major distributions as our tests and support candidates below:

  • Kali Linux (amd64)
  • Ubuntu Linux (amd64)
  • Debian Linux (amd64)
  • Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit)

Driver support status

We define three support stauts level:

Level: Good -- Green mark

If the device is supported Out-Of-The-Box, or drivers are commonly available as binary packages and easy to install, on our major test distributions. We mark it Level: Good with green color.

In this level, users are easy to get device work, without suffering from manual patch and compiling source code.

Level: Partial -- Yellow mark

It works, but need extra effort to make it. For example, you might need to checkout the sourcce code, patch, and compile the driver by yourself. Usually its dependencies are not easy to satisfy, ex: require some kernel version or option, which make it not user friendly.

This level might works for advanced Linux users or developers, but not recommended for common users.

Level: Bad -- Grey mark

We didn't success on this device or too hard to get it works. Drivers are deprecated, too unstable, or unavailable. In short, it doesn't work for most linux users.