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Linux support for MT7610U based products

Compatibility information

Chipset VID&PID 0e8d:7610
Related products AWUS036ACHM, Tube-UAC2
Linux Hardware

Support status:

Kali 2021.2 Works out-of-the-box
Kali 2020.4 Works out-of-the-box
Ubuntu 20.10 Works out-of-the-box
Ubuntu 20.04 Works out-of-the-box
Debian 10.7.0 Works
Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) Works


Linux kernel mainline

Support kernel versions >= 4.19
Linux Wireless Wiki

Driver installation


The device is plug and play, needn't do anything.


The device is plug and play, needn't do anything.


step 1: Add non-free APT source

Append following configuration to the file /etc/apt/sources.list or a file under /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

deb buster non-free


Replace buster to your system's code name

step 2: Run commands to install firmware

sudo apt update
sudo apt install firmware-misc-nonfree

Raspberry Pi OS

As of today (2021-03-22), the firmware-misc-nonfree package of Raspberry Pi OS has bug, it doesn't include the MT7610U's firmwares. We recommand to apply the following workaround commands to fix this error.

step 1: Run the following command to update firmware files

sudo dpkg -i firmware-misc-nonfree_20190114-2_all.deb