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Running Kali Linux in VirtualBox

Install VirtualBox

Download platform package and Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack from

Download VirtualBox

Double-click downloaded platform package to install VirtualBox

Double-click downloaded Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack to add this package for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 device support

Import Kali VM

Download Kali Linux VirtualBox 64-Bit Image from

Download Kali Linux VirtualBox 64-Bit Image

In VirtualBox, click File > Import Appliance

Import Appliance

Select the image file to import Kali VM

Select Image File


Adjust USB Settings of Kali VM

Settings > USB and set the USB Controller to USB 3.0 (xHCI) Controller


USB Controller

Plug in Wi-Fi dongle

Add new USB filter for the dongle

Add USB Filter

Check USB Settings

Unplug Wi-Fi dongle

Start Kali VM

Click Start to start the VM

Start Kali VM

The default username and password are both kali

Default Credential

LightDM Login

Install Realtek RTL88xxAU Wi-Fi Driver

This driver is for:

  1. RTL8811AU: AWUS036ACS
  3. RTL8814AU: AWUS1900

Open Terminal Emulator for command line interface

Terminal Emulator Launcher

Run command

sudo apt update

to update package information, when asked for password, type in default password kali

Update Package Information

Then run command

sudo apt install realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms

to install Realtek USB Wi-Fi driver

Install Realtek USB Wi-Fi Driver

Start Using Wi-Fi Dongle

Plug in Wi-Fi dongle and run


You should see it attached to Kali VM

List USB Devices